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8 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Trusted Jewelry Buyer

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If you’re in possession of antique, estate, or fine jewelry, and you’re considering selling it, there are several reasons why you should choose DW GEM Services as your trusted partner. With over four decades of experience in buying and selling jewelry of all kinds, a graduate gemologist at the helm, and an outstanding reputation in […]

What to Look For When Buying Diamonds

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Diamonds have captivated hearts and minds for centuries, symbolizing eternal love, luxury, and rarity. Buying a diamond can be an exciting and significant investment, but it’s crucial to understand what makes a diamond brilliant and valuable.  Let’s unlock the brilliance of this precious gemstone, with some essential factors to consider when purchasing your diamond. Check […]

Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary!!

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On August 15, 2019, after over 35 years of working for a major jewelry company, I decided to open DW Gem Services LLC as Cheshire’s only “personal jeweler”. To say this year has been a challenge, is an understatement.  I am proud to say that I have survived  a pandemic and a tropical storm and […]

We Are Back In Business

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It has been a long 9 weeks since we were forced to change the way we did business.  I hope this finds you all healthy and safe. Many people have asked how I got into the jewelry business. Most people who have been involved in the business long as long as I have were brought […]

We Will Be Here When You Need Us

I hope all of you are doing well. This is an unprecedented time in our lives. The world has come to a halt to fight a deadly illness.  Schools are teaching online, businesses have closed, restaurants have taken on a new role of take-out food, government in many cities and towns have stopped meeting, there […]

Faith, Hope and Love Will Get Us Through

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To my customers, friends, family and fellow citizens: I have decided to make this blog about you and what we are all dealing with.  Business is a secondary thought at this time. We are all experiencing the effects of this horrific virus, whether we are a healthcare worker, patient, first responder, grocery store employee, parent, […]

The 4C’s of Diamond Grading–All You Need to Know

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Diamonds and the 4C’s As we approach Valentine’s Day, I am sure there are some of you who are in the market to buy a diamond.  Congratulations to both of you and I wish you luck as you maneuver through the process of purchasing a diamond engagement ring. DW Gems, LLC is here to help […]

The Story Behind Engagement Rings

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When a couple decides to make the ultimate commitment, it is usually sealed with an engagement ring.. The engagement ring is believed to date back to ancient times.  Anthropologists believe this tradition originated from a Roman custom in which wives wore rings attached to small keys, indicating their husbands’ ownership. In 1477, Archduke Maximillian of […]

Happy Holidays to All My Friends!

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I am writing this blog as a thank you and to wish everyone the happiest of holidays. This has been a very busy year for me and I could not have gotten through it without the love and support of my wife, Jenifer, my kids, Cara and Patrick, and all of my friends and family.  […]

What is Estate Jewelry and why is it such a good value?

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By definition, estate jewelry is any pre-owned piece of jewelry. It could be a ring was created over 100 years ago or it can be a necklace that was purchased last week.  If it isn’t being sold as a newly manufactured item, then it is considered estate. You can break estate jewelry down into categories. […]